Showcase of systems we've designed and manufactured

Some of our innovative conveyor systems are illustrated below. Click on a small image to view a larger version.


Flexmove Side Gripper Conveyor Bag Rotator and Flattener Gooseneck Conveyor


Hygienic Conveyors

ICS Provides many different types of direct product Hygienic conveyor systems with various options and products. Here are a few Case studys of what we have recently done.

Automation and Simulation

With the use of simulation ICS can work get a very good view of a new system and automation of it before any design is started.

Materials Handling

ICS have had great success in solving company's problems in box handling and sorting by the use of ARB and DARB Conveyor Technology.

Accumulation Product Control

ICS has developed a very strong and reliable control system with the use of aAccumulation, Popup stoppers and Accelerator conveyors.

Goose Neck, Z and Incline Conveyor

High Hygiene Trough Conveyors

Dairy Milk Powder Bag Automated System

Inline 25kg bag rotator flattener

Incline Conveyor

Spiral Conveyor System

Stainless Chain Robot Roller Conveyor

Belt Upgrades

Before and After