Showcase of systems we've designed and manufactured

Some of our innovative conveyor systems are illustrated below. Click on a small image to view a larger version.

High Hygiene Incline Conveyor

The customer was looking for an incline conveyor that had to hold the product within the frame. The conveyor had to be under guarded and be easy to clean. The room also has very limited space for installation.

Carton Conveyors

Carton Conveyors are common for ICS, We specialize in various carton handling systems and enjoy tackling the most difficult applications. Quality is a big thing for us so we use the best proven gear for the project

Meat Processing Room Upgrade

ICS was brought in to supply numerous different conveyor types and styles for an expansion of a prime beef boning room

Plastic Container Conveyor with Vertical Gripper

Gripper conveyors are a very good option to incline or decline product in a short amount of space. We have done many in different types of applications

Aligner Coder Reject Conveyor

Safe Carton Reject with carton alignment for coding.

Reject Tipper

Design and build a metal detector reject system to suit a tight space

Infeed Accumulation Conveyor

The customer needed a solution to remove backpressure and inconsistent flows from an existing conveyor line when a machine downstream was not accepting product.

Pre-Filler Accumulation Conveyor

The customer needed to keep a consistent and continuous flow to their filler. There was a very tight space to work with and many options were offered to come up with a solution.

Canning Line Merge Conveyor

This conveyor was required to merge two separate can lines into one line.

Powder Bag Incline Conveyor 2

The customer needed to convey 25kg powder bags from depal to a tipping room for further processing. Capacity for 1.5T/hr. Bags were to index as bag is removed at the top to keep constant flow until line is empty, Lift up gate added to allow access from both sides

Food Grade Flat Belt Conveyors

After a recent plant upgrade to an existing bakery line that necessitated a new flat belt conveyor, a second larger conveyor was also required. Both were designed for the ease of mounting additional bakery cutting and extruding equipment to.

Compact Modular Aluminium Conveyor

A new conveyor was required to transfer product from a wrapper to a metal detector, to replace an existing chute after both machines were repositioned.

Bagging Sealing Outfeed Conveyor

We were required to design and build an outfeed conveyor for a bagging and sealing machine. To accommodate the position of the next machine in the process the conveyor bed has been made to be fully adjustable. This lets the bed tilt and rotate to any desired position.

Metal Detector Reject System

Full turn key layout for the integration of a new metal detector and ICS reject system with re-circulation rollers for testing

Pacer Conveyor

Design and build a multi belt conveyor for indexing bagged meat into a rotary bag sealing machine

Pre-Vacuum Merge Conveyors

An overseas client required two conveyors for the merging of two lines on pre-vacuumed packed meat prior to entering a pacers and then through vacuum sealers. One needed to merge to a central lane while the second was. After being built both were packed for export.

DARB Check Weigher Reject

The customer needed a check weigher reject system that would also provide some accumulation of the cartoned product to manual pack off station. A small section also needed to be able to be moved out of the way so forklift could get past if required.

Reject and Accumulation Table

A reject lane for underweight canned powder was required by the customer. It needed to be fitted in to an existing high speed line that is in a very tight area. We were required modify the existing line and then fit this new conveyor