Meat Processing Room Upgrade



ICS was brought in to supply numerous different conveyor types and styles for an expansion of a prime beef boning room

the biggest challenge in this room was accumulation for the carton exit where the customer needed the maximum amount of accumulation time if the outfeed stopped.

we were able to supply up to 11 mini utes before the room needed to stop.



Carton conveyors with accumulation and ARB passive turns and merge points

IW and VACPAC pack off Carousel

Cryovac 8600 infeed conveyors

VACPAC Cartoning packing Carousel

Bulk Conveyors

Bone return conveyor

Overhead Empty Carton feed to packing stations

Modification and retrofitting to existing conveyors

44 Conveyors total



ICS Carton conveyors using Intralox ARB roller technology

Intralox Thermodrive and Plastic Link Belting

Flexmove Conveyors

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